Introducing NeptunePowered

Authored by Jamie Mansfield

Published on 2015-04-18 20:53:00 +0000 UTC

What is NeptunePowered?

NeptunePowered is all about providing the best Minecraft can offer. We accomplish this by taking the best of Minecraft today, and preparing it for tomorrow. Currently we are working on Neptune, described below.

What do we do?

We currently develop the following:

What is NeptuneVanilla?

NeptuneVanilla is an implementation of CanaryLib for 'vanilla' Minecraft. Doing the same thing as CanaryMod, NeptuneVanilla differs in implementation and how closely it resembles 'vanilla' Minecraft.

What is NeptuneForge?

NeptuneForge is an implementation of CanaryLib for Minecraft Forge.

What about Arno?

Arno was renamed and lives on through NeptuneForge. Little change was made during the transition to Neptune, however much of it's code was moved into NeptuneCommon something of which it is now reliant on.

Contact us

You are able to contact us in our public IRC channels: #neptune and #neptunedev ( You can also contact us through our public email: [email protected].

We are looking for developers interesting in shaping the future of Neptune: sign up.