State of Sponge Four

Authored by Jamie Mansfield

Published on 2015-05-18 22:29:00 +0000 UTC

Once again SpongePowered have announced their next State Of Sponge, and like last time I will make a blog post about it.
In case you don't know what State of Sponge is it is where the Sponge team come together to talk about their progress in a nice ~2 hour live stream.
There is usually a demo server, running the latest build of Sponge, showcasing community and sponge-made plugins.

The stream should be available on, however it is recommended you follow them on Twitter in case this changes.
Permitting the server isn't as unstable as last time, I will be on there enjoying whatever the Sponge team has created.

The date has since been rescheduled - read more here.

You can find more information about State Of Sponge Four on their post.

Beyond State of Sponge they have made their Minecon submission public.
Hopefully they will get their place in Minecon as they so rightfully deserve.

State of Sponge Four has finished now, however you can still watch it.